TOM Gist: Rick Ross Is Making A Gangster Movie

Rick ross
Rick Ross is working on a screenplay called “GABOS.”

Many rappers have made the transition to film as actors or producers, but few have made the transition via writing the actual screenplay. Rick Ross is hoping to do just that. In an interview with Rolling Stone , Ross revealed that he’s been writing a screenplay called “GABOS,” an acronym that stands for “Game Ain’t Based On Sympathy.” Inspired by “Narcos” and “Miami Vice,” the script has reached the length and scope of a Russian novel.

“I feel it’s too big to be one film,” Ross said. “I feel we should film
it, break it down and make it a series, if we can.” Ross describes the screenwriting process as “easy.”

“Writing a film, you can bring it all to life, whether it’s for yourself or
another character in a film,” he said.

The plot of “GABOS” is based on Ross’ “recollections” from his life.

While Ross did not divulge many plot details, he did mention that deception would play a central role. “The only thing better than a double-cross is a triple-cross,” he said.

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